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  • Asami Iida

    Representative of ampule

    Asami began her career at Trenders as a new graduate. She honed her expertise in the beauty industry over 7 years as a Planner. In 2018, she rose to Director when MimiTV joined Trenders. In 2019, together with her teammates, she won the "Hubolt Loves Women Award", launching the parallel career support platform "Paranavi". In April 2020, she became Executive Officer in the newly established Beauty Marketing Division. In 2021, she founded ampule and took on the role of Representative.


    Living abroad for a decade exposed me to identity crises, complexes triggered by bullying, and a youth weighed down by self-doubt. But in the midst of it all, Beauty emerged as my rock of courage. My passion for Beauty transformed into my guiding light, driving me into the beauty industry for the past ten years. The diverse connections I've made have played a massive role in shaping who I am today. As I've delved into the beliefs of industry icons, I've realized just how limitless Beauty's potential is. However, the more I got involved, the more I noticed the dilemmas not just within the industry, but also within Japan itself. Despite facing setbacks along the way, many simply look the other way. I'm determined to change this, to cultivate a sense of fulfillment both within Beauty and across the nation. This determination gave birth to ampule. We kicked off in 2021, and today, ampule is thriving with a passionate team of 40+ members who are steadfast in our mission. As we march towards the future we're passionate about and strive to give back to the industry, we're on a mission to magnify J-Beauty's impact on a global stage. Your unwavering support means the world to us. - Founder and Representative of ampule, Asami Iida

  • Takeshi Kawase

    Executive Officer, ampule Div.

    Ken began his career at CyberAgent, where he held roles as Sales Director and Product Development Director of the Ameba Division. He then contributed to the launch of AbemaTV, where he served as Director of Advertising Division at AbemaTV, Inc. In June 2020, he assumed the role of MimiTV Advisor at Trenders. In October 2021, he was appointed as an Executive Officer at Trenders, and from April 2023, he joined ampule.

  • Yui Kizawa

    Executive Manager, ampule Div.

    Yui joined Trenders in September 2019 . Leveraging insights from previous roles in the beauty manufacturing and wholesale industries, she has been actively working as an Account Consultant on a variety of projects, with a focus on the beauty industry. She particularly excels in creative direction, digital strategies, and sales tactics within the intersection of creative and retail. She became a Manager of ampule in April 2022 and was subsequently promoted to Executive Manager in April 2023. She is also the recipient of the Top of Trenders Award for two consecutive fiscal years of 2022 and 2023. (Note: The Top of Trenders Award is an internal MVP award presented to the member who achieves the most outstanding results throughout the fiscal year.)

  • Risa Kogoe

    Managerm ampule Div.

    Risa joined Trenders as a new graduate in 2018. She gained experience as an Account Consultant primarily in the beauty industry. She excels in planning from a consumer perspective and has worked with clients ranging from major manufacturers to small and medium-sized businesses. In April 2021, she was appointed as a Manager, and she now collaborates with the team to oversee various clients beyond the realm of beauty.

  • Marin Suzuki

    Manager, ampule Div.

    After joining Trenders as a new graduate in 2017, Marin has been engaged in marketing planning across various industries including food and beverage, beauty, and telecommunications. In 2021, she assumed a professional role. After maternity and childcare leave, she took on the role of ampule Manager in 2023.

  • Mikiko Matsumoto

    Manager, ampule Div.

    After joining Trenders as a new graduate, Mikiko has been involved in various roles such as sales for beauty clinics and media operations. In April 2018, she assumed the role of Manager. Through works with foreign consumer goods manufacturers, leading domestic beauty brands, and major pharmaceutical companies, she has managed a diverse range of planning projects. After a year and a half of maternity leave, she joined ampule in April 2023. She also serves as a board member for the non-profit organization "Saishi Gijuku," which supports women's career development and personnel dispatch.

  • Sayuri Mizumaki

    Manager, ampule Div.

    Sayuri joined Trenders as a new graduate in 2014. After working in the direction department, she moved to the sales departiment in 2016, where she served as an Account Consultant for 3 years, primarily in the beauty industry. She specializes in consumer-centric and influencer planning, collaborating with a diverse range of clients, regardless of their company size. In April 2020, she was promoted to the role of Manager, and she has since been engaged in planning for clients spanning various industries and sizes.

  • Arisa Watanabe

    Manager, ampule Div.

    With 5 years of experience in wholesale sales at a cosmetics company, Arisa joined Trenders in September 2020. Her extensive knowledge spans various aspects of the beauty industry, including distribution and marketing, allowing her to excel as an Account Consultant handling numerous beauty manufacturers. Since April 2023, she has taken on the role of Manager, collaborating directly with beauty manufacturers alongside their team members.



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