AMPULE Innovation firm


The logo embodies ampule's resolute commitment to become the 'ultimate drop = ampule' and drive J'BEAUTY's pursuits. It echoes the firm's ambition to serve as a catalyst for opportunities to conquer challenges, breaking free from conventional limits - just as the design motif captures the essence of a singular beam of piercing light.


BEAUTY is confidence.
A steadfast vision towards the future,
Bound to move someone's heart.

BEAUTY is hope.
An infinite chain of radiance,
Illuminating a better world.

Gathering ideas with collaborators,
Building on achievements and experiences, one by one,
At times, trusting intuition's guidance.

"BELIEVE THE BEAUTY" - In an era defined by uncertain futures, the "power to believe" wields great influence. The ability to move someone's heart and, consequently, contribute to a better world, all might stem from such sentiments. This message is woven into our tagline and narrative.


In today's rapidly evolving landscape surrounding the beauty industry,
unforseen global crises have prompted questions about the the intrinsic value of Beauty.

However, our belief remains unwavering: Beauty's essence nurtures human sensibilities and ignites innovation, paving the way for the future.

To bring together everyone aspiring to illuminate the future of J-Beauty and 'steer the change' by embracing the industry as a whole,
ampule was created to take on this role.

The term "ampoule", from which our name originates, is a beauty concept denoting "a small amount of serum with higher concentration of ingredients." It's acknowledged for delivering exceptional results in a shorter timeframe compared to standard serums.

Revealing potential beyond what meets the eye.
Pioneering the future of J-Beauty, embracing its core values.

As the 'ultimate drop = ampule' to propel Japan's beauty industry, we will serve as a catalyst to boost the evolution of J-Beauty.


Creating a world filled with confidence and hope.


Boosting the evolution of J-BEAUTY
as the 'ultimate drop (ampule)'