AMPULE Innovation firm

Brand Consulting

What we do

Brand Consulting Anchored in Consumer Endorsement

Through initiatives like the publication of ampule magazine, a free magazine addressing industry challenges and transformations, and operation of J-Beauty LABO, a platform that unites diverse industry stakeholders, we offer brand marketing support that creates authentic brand experiences.


Streamlined Brand Consulting: From Purchase to Experience

In today's world flooded with beauty products and information, grasping the right moments and messages that stimulate consumers desire to purchase is paramount. Designing a brand to encompass the entire purchasing journey is vital to ignite customers' genuine wants. We bridge the gap between brands and consumers, cultivating genuine "wants".

Trend Insight

J-Beauty Now: Analysis & Insights from Beauty Marketing Experts

Drawing on our expertise from over 260 beauty brand consulting projects, we offer specialized industry insights and trend forecasts. Our range of services, including "ampule magazine" drives this endeavor. By sharing cutting-edge marketing strategies and capturing evolving consumer landscape, we're setting groundbreaking standards in Japan's beauty industry.

Thought Leadership

J-Beauty LABO: Bringing Together Visionaries Shaping the Industry's Future

We operate the J-Beauty LABO to address challenges within the beauty industry. This platform brings together individuals from diverse roles - cosmetics manufacturers, distributors, consumers, influencers - for idea exchange and discussions to find solutions. Through this initiative, we aim to solve industry challenges and foster connections among stakeholders with different perspectives.