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    • ampule magazine Vol.08

      Revealing the Essence of Korean Beauty

      The theme of ampule magazine Vol. 08 is "Unveiling the Essence of Korean Beauty." We take a deep dive into the allure of Korean cosmetics , which have captured the world’s attention, exploring their aesthetic dimension.

      At the Forefront of Global K-Beauty Enthusiasm

      Discovering Korean Beauty Brands: AMUSE, TOUN28, FEMMUE, mumchit, kuoca, rom&nd

      Enchanting the World: Exploring the Roots of Creativity in Korean Cosmetics Through 'Failure'" (SEONHYE HWANG)

      Beauty Writer Picks: The Hottest Beauty Shops to Visit in Korea (Aiko Futamata)

    • ampule magazine Vol.07

      The Truth About Men’s Beauty

      ampule magazine Vol. 7 seeks to unveil the realities of 'Men's Beauty'. Alongside awareness surveys and content covering 'Self-Producers" and "Men's Beauty Enthusiasts", we take a deep dive into the world of men's beauty, a topic that is becoming the norm in today's society.

      'Self-Producers' Interview with Tomoaki Makino, Eito Miyanaga, Suntory Wellness Corp., and FineToday Co.,.

      'Beauty-Obsessed Men' Interview with Naoto Ikeda, JOY, Ryo Ogata, Seiji, and Kenta Katsumata

      Men's Beauty Today: Insights from a Survey Spanning Ages 20 to 60

      The Changing Notion of 'Masculinity': A Journey Through Men's Beauty with Saeko Kawano

    • ampule magazine Vol.06

      Rethinking Package Design

      ampule magazine Vol. 6 explores 'Package Design'. We delve into the current state of packaging for evolving cosmetic products both in Japan and the world. We explore innovative packaging materials from around the world and present interviews with insights from producers and consumers regarding packaging choice.

      The Evolving Role of Design: Interview with HI(NY) design and Steve* Inc

      2023 Edition: Japanese Women's 'Package Buying' Roundtable Discussion

      2023 Edition: South Korean Women's 'Package Buying' Roundtable Discussion

    • ampule magazine Vol.05

      Evolving Beauty Regulations

      ampule magazine Vol.5 explores "Evolving Beauty Regulations." We delve into the latest developments in evolving beauty regulations, focusing on four aspects: "tattoos," which have varying perceptions across the world and Japan; "body hair," a common concern; "color makeup," a trending topic; and the increasingly popular "cosmetic procedures." This issue aims to shed light on the dynamic landscape of changing beauty regulations.

      Changing Beauty Regulations (Part 1): Tattoos Interview with Yoshimi Yamamoto and Hanae Sato

      Changing Beauty Regulations (Part 2): Body Hair Interview with Kai Corporation and KIEN

      Changing Beauty Regulations (Part 3): Color Makeup Interview with Isehan, Flowfushi, Chacott and Kanebo Cosmetics

      Changing Beauty Regulations (Part 4): Cosmetic Surgery Interview with Biyouseikei-chan and Heawon Seo

    • ampule magazine Vol.04

      The World & Beauty Through the Eyes of Gen Z

      Emerging from the pandemic, Generation Z drives future trends. Their reliance on social media for information, emphasis on reputation, and pursuit of authenticity shape their beauty concsiousness. We conducted a deep dive into 'Gen Z' through interviews with four Gen Z innovators, including entrepreneurs and 'gyaru' mindset advocates to offer insights into Gen Z's present realities.

      5 Key Trends in Beauty Consumption among Gen Z: Insights from Yui Yamaguchi

      In-Depth Investigation into Gen Z Beauty

      The Evolution of Gyaru Fashion from the Heisei to Reiwa Era

    • ampule magazine Vol.03

      Brand Activism

      Exploring the current phenomenon of "brand activism," this issue delves deep into the subject with an exclusive interview of Christian Sarkar, author of "Brand Activism." Through surveys targeting Generation Z, who exhibit a strong interest in societal issues, as well as by examining domestic and international case studies of companies engaged in brand activism, we uncover the current state and future prospects of this movement.

      Exclusive Interview with Christian Sarker on the Current State of Brand Activism

      Social Media Strategies of Resilient American Beauty Brands

    • ampule magazine Vol.02

      Shaping J-Beauty’s Future Through Ingedients

      We explore the current and future landscape of cosmetic ingredients through consumer surveys, interviews with skincare influencers, founders of skincare brands, doctors, specialists, and more.

      Investigating Ingredient Awareness: Insights from 1,000 Japanese and Korean Consumers

      Is Ingredient Literacy in Japan becoming Polarized? A Comprehensive Analysis of 3 Trending Ingredients on Twitter.

      Expert Opinion: Navigating the Legal Landscape of K-Beauty

    • ampule magazine Vol.01

      Changing ”Beauty”, Changing Ourselves”

      In our inaugural issue, themed "Changing 'Beauty', Changing Us," we delve into the evolving trends in Japan and the latest global insights. Through consumer surveys and more, we examine how the concept of "Beauty" is transforming in our world today and how it interacts with our shifting values.

      The Evolution of Beauty Trenders Over the Last 30 Years

      6 Key Terms Shaping the New Definition of Beauty