AMPULE Innovation firm

ampule (/ˈæmpəl/) is a specialized beauty innovation firm dedicated to drive the industry forward by addressing its challenges from diverse perspectives, including those of consumers, manufacturers, and distributors.


BEAUTY is confidence.
A steadfast vision towards the future,
Bound to move someone's heart.

BEAUTY is hope.
An infinite chain of radiance,
Illuminating a better world.

Gathering ideas with collaborators,
Building on achievements and experiences, one by one,
At times, trusting intuition's guidance.


Who we are

We strive to empower and drive the evolution of Japan's beauty industry by embracing its challenges as the 'ultimate drop = ampule'.


What we do

We specialize in designing authentic brands that embody the essence of desire. Our services include brand consulting, publishing a global online magazine, and managing 'J-Beauty LABO,' an initiative that bridges manufacturers, distributors, and consumers in the beauty industry.



Discover our complimentary magazine, offering trend analysis and valuable insights driving the evolution of J-Beauty.

  • ampule magazine Vol.08

    Revealing the Essence of Korean Beauty

    The theme of ampule magazine Vol. 08 is "Unveiling the Essence of Korean Beauty." We take a deep dive into the allure of Korean cosmetics , which have captured the world’s attention, exploring their aesthetic dimension.

    At the Forefront of Global K-Beauty Enthusiasm

    Discovering Korean Beauty Brands: AMUSE, TOUN28, FEMMUE, mumchit, kuoca, rom&nd

    Enchanting the World: Exploring the Roots of Creativity in Korean Cosmetics Through 'Failure'" (SEONHYE HWANG)

    Beauty Writer Picks: The Hottest Beauty Shops to Visit in Korea (Aiko Futamata)



Stay updated with the beauty industry's latest information and expert interviews delivered promptly.


Our Impact

Explore ampule's brand consulting experience showcased here.

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Our member

As beauty marketing experts, each team member contributes their distinctive personality and unwavering passion. With a strong belief in Beauty's potential, we are dedicated to addressing industry challenges.


Our action